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My name is Claire- I'm a mother, partner, homemaker, hobbyist, and doula. I was born and raised in Texas where I was homeschooled by my mom and enjoyed a wholly unstructured childhood. I traded this slower pace of life for ten years in Los Angeles, where I went to school, grew a career in floral installations for music videos and movie sets, met my love, JB, and birthed our baby, Bixby. Now, we're planning a move to Maryland this summer in search of a gentler life with lots of space to run and play. Being a mother is what drives me- it's the greatest privilege of my life to raise and care for our son. For work, I've spent the last two years pursing a career as a birth and postpartum doula where I get to walk women and families through the sacred passage of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. In my free time I am a baker, knitter, quilter, and gardener. Thank you for being here!

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