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April Bouquet Sign Up!

Can I text this phone number?



What do I get when I sign up?

When you sign up for my monthly deliveries, you will get one fresh, seasonal bouquet delivered to your door!

How much does it cost?

Bouquets cost $100 + $25 delivery, or free pick up! I will let you know the pick up address once your order is placed.

If I sign up once, will the deliveries be recurring? 

No! Sign up is on a month by month basis- you sign up only on the months you'd like flowers delivered- unless otherwise noted! I can most def put you on my recurring list if you'd like! 

How big are the bouquets and what do they look like?

Each bouquet is a size medium! The look will be different every month, and is always a surprise!

How do the bouquets arrive?

Each bouquet will arrive wrapped in paper, and the bottom of each stem will be wrapped in a damp paper towel to preserve the flowers until they can be put in water!

What do the flowers need once they are delivered?

Once you get your flowers, they will need to be unwrapped and put in fresh water! To increase vase life, cut half an inch of length off of the bottom of each stem. A fresh cut (at an angle, with sharp scissors) will enable the flowers to slurp up all the water they need!

Where do you deliver to?

Anywhere in Los Angeles county.

When do you deliver the bouquets?

The next drop will be Friday April 7th, just in time for Easter weekend! Orders must be placed by midnight on April 5th.

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