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This sourdough culture was kindly gifted to me when I began my own sourdough journey years ago. Though it was sent to me from a friend and sourdough baker in Texas, this culture's roots go way back- it's at least 25 years old. Story goes, the original owner of this starter was wading through knee deep water while evacuating her home during Hurricane Katrina when she suddently stopped and turned around to save one of her most prized posessions- her starter culture! When I began baking, it was such a gift to be sent a strong and robust culture to learn to bake with, and it's a joy to get to share the same culture with you all. 

Claire Fagin's Sourdough Starter

  • How to feed your starter:

    When it arrives on your doorstep, feed your sourdough starter by mixing the contents of the package with 200g of purified water, and 200g of unbleached, organic flour. If you aren't able to immediately feed your starter, store it in the refrigerator until you can! Watch our instruction video here!

  • For more information and recipes,

    Check out my YouTube channel

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